Buying the perfect saddle is a big decision and a major investment. We guaranteed there is no better place in New Mexico to find the perfect one — for you and your horse. We stock over 100 new and used western and English saddles and will even order you a custom-made saddle from one of our top saddle makers if we don't have exactly what you're looking for.


The advantages of buying a new saddle is that you'll get exactly what you desire and it will come with a warranty. Not only will it have that new saddle smell, no nicks or stains but it will never have been shaped to fit another person or horse.


Buying a quality used saddle is a great way to save money. Many of our customers have found a great deal on a used saddle that they never would have been able to afford new. A good saddle can last over 50 years with care and the market for older saddles proves it.


right fit

We love it when folks trailer their horse to the store to receive hands-on assistance for exactly the right fit the first time around. With over 40 years of experience fitting saddles and tack, we think you'll find that you're in very good hands.

Out of state? We know that some people will tell you that they'd never buy a saddle online… while we understand their reluctance, we feel the experienced buyer will do just fine. Give our experienced staff a call or email us for help.